Thursday, 20 August 2015

Female Government

Feminists often advocate gynocracy as being far more humane and moral that what they call phallocracy. For instance, Harriet Harman, Deputy leader of the Labour Party, stated that the banking crisis of 2008 would not have occurred if there had been female chief executives. History, however, gives the lie to this argument.

Wu Zeitan was China’s only female monarch (690-705). Widow of her predecessor, she ruled a as a tyrant and abused her position for sexual gratification. Every man wanting to address her, even government ministers, had first to kneel and perform cunnilingus. Confucian philosophers denounced her as a vile woman.

The Russian female monarchs Catherine I (1725-7), Anna (1730-40), Elizabeth (1741-62) and Catherine the Great (1762-96) were of the same ilk. Each was a widow, reigned as a tyrant, waged wars, and took subordinate male lovers. Catherine the Great even maintained a specially selected stud of them, paid out of public funds, to satisfy her sexual needs.

In addition, all these female autocrats discriminated against other women, appointing only male cabinet ministers and advisers. This happened too in England under Queen Elizabeth I and Margaret Thatcher (who also each waged war).

These example prove that female rulers are no better than men!

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